Security Data Export

Security Data Export
National Integrated Data Analysis ( NIDA ) has a nationally available, Web-based smart phone and desktop application product called "NIDA Sheperd Mobile/HQ" that is used by multi-family housing complex security companies which allows officers on patrol to instantly access information about people they come in contact with. Using a combination of boots-on-the-ground, retraining, and technology, the NIDA Sheperd program has reduced crime by over 80% where it has been applied. Using this Security Data Export feature, you can submit non-secure Household Member and Vacant unit information for each of your projects from within your FHA Software program. All that is required is an existing NIDA Sheperd account. This built-in NIDA Sheperd interface is provided free to all FHA Software program users.

This Security Data Export feature can only be used if you have an existing account setup with the NIDA Sheperd system. However, you can complete the Export process which creates the database files that are sent to the NIDA Sheperd system, without a NIDA Sheperd System account.

For more property security service information and how you can register to become a NIDA Sheperd Mobile/HQ member, go to [ ] or contact the NIDA Sheperd Sales Department below ...

National Integrated Data Analysis ( NIDA )
Larry Hodges, President
Travis Voss, Director of Data Services
618 E. State Street
Rockford, IL 61104

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