Why is FHA Software so reasonably priced, compared to other packages?

That's a good question. We'd love to charge as much as other vendors, but paying more for a product doesn't necessarily mean it's a better product. Simply put .. FHA Software works !!! As with any new software, once you grasp an understanding of how it works, the need for phone support becomes minimal. Most calls come from new users who are getting acquainted with the program, existing users attempting to process uncommon situations, or accommodating a periodic glitch in electronic file transfers. Ask yourself .. is your existing software giving you your money's worth? If it's DOS-based or has to be run from a website and it takes days, sometime weeks to get someone to call you back, maybe it's time you switched to FHA Software.
Does FHA Software have to be run from an internet site? Does FHA Software allow multiple income amount entry for the same income source in layered RD/HUD and LIHTC projects ?
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