RENTPAYMENT - The Leading Online Payment Solution

RENTPAYMENT - The Leading Online Payment Solution
RentPayment is the best way to collect rent online and give your residents the payment options they now demand. RentPayment seamlessly integrates electronic payments into property management software, increases site level productivity and contributes to property profitability. Their unique combination of online payment expertise, apartment rental experience and unparalleled customer support has made RentPayment the leader in online payment processing for apartment rentals. RentPayment meets business requirements of the multifamily industry, reduces administrative time associated with paper checks, streamlines the rent collection process, improves property cash flow, increases on-time rent payments, and reduces risk of fraud and theft. RentPayment also offers leading edge check scanning services in the event that your tenants want to use checks as a method of payment.

All that is required is an existing RentPayment Client Account. Built-in integration with the RentPayment System is provided free to all FHA Software program users.

This Online Rent Collection feature can only be used if you have an existing account setup with RentPayment. For more information with how you can register to become a RentPayment client, click-on the Website link below, click "New Property Manager? .. Submit" then click "Sign Up Now" or call an expert RentPayment Account Manager directly at 1-401-212-9150.

Ethan Studley, Affordable Housing Payment Specialist
Direct: (401) 212-9150

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