VERISCREEN Affordable Housing Screening Specialists

VERISCREEN Affordable Housing Screening Specialists

VERISCREEN is an industry leader in delivering FCRA-compliant information and has successfully helped develop and implement a screening solution that is simple yet very powerful. The key to VERISCREEN’s success over the years has been their proprietary Person Search Plus™ product which guarantees more records and data than any other service, while also ensuring no false-positives. Using your VERISCREEN User Account registration, you can submit report requests from within your FHA Software program. All that is required is an existing VERISCREEN User Account. Built-in integration with the VERISCREEN System is provided free to all FHA Software program users.

This Tenant/Applicant Screening feature can only be used if you have an existing account setup with VERISCREEN. However, you can view a sample tenant screening report by clicking on the View Sample Report button located in the lower right corner of the main program window.

For more report option information and how you can register to become a VERISCREEN member, click-on one of the links provided below or call the VERISCREEN Sales Department at 1-812-474-0744.

VERISCREEN Affordable Housing Screening Specialists
7144 E. Virginia Street, Suite F
Evansville, IN 47715

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