Does FHA Software have to be run from an internet site?

Your affordable housing management software program does not have to be run from an internet website. If remote access is not an issue or desired, your software and your project database should be running in your computer, not someone elses. FHA Software can be installed in and run from any site office computer. lf remote access is desired, FHA Software can also be installed in a centralized computer system (such as Citrix Systems, Terminal Servers, Cloud, etc.) with remote access ability, except you are securely hosting and in control of your own database, not someone else. FHA Software's reasonable pricing structure with the affordability of setting up a centralized computer system, makes it possible to economically automate site offices. With FHA Software, remote access by a site office is nothing more than an additional user on your existing network. Keep your remote access ability, reduce your compliance software costs with no contracts and simplify your automation efforts with FHA Software.
Is FHA Software compliant with RD's MINC Industry Interface? Why is FHA Software so reasonably priced, compared to other packages?
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