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Release [ 2018.10.31 ] Provided the following changes ...

IN GENERAL: Fixed - An issue on the Gross Rent Potential Report when a unit has been vacated and the subsidy type changed with the move-out entry .. Upgraded - The Review Recertification Notice Status feature to .NET 4.0 programming .. Revised - The Gross Rent / UA Changes feature by expanding the size of the Pre-Evaluation Summary and Select Specific Units windows .. Expanded - The size of the Find - Tenant Certification Data, TC History, Find - Unit Data, Unit History, Find - Changes to Tenant Status/Assistance, and Tenant/Applicant Search windows.

ACCOUNTING: Upgraded - The Void Checks Process feature to .NET 4.0 programming .. Revised - The A/J Adjustment Journal Entry feature window, increasing the number of A/J entry lines displayed to 20 per page .. Revised - The A/P Check Disbursement Entry feature window, increasing the number of A/P entry lines displayed to 14 per page .. Revised - The A/R Tenant Payment Entry feature by expanding the size of the Payment Entry, Tenant Selection and Batch Summary windows.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The Automatic HAP Adjustment Calculation feature to correct minor adjustment calculation accuracy issues that have come up since the last update release .. Added - A new Auto Add EIV 5% Penalty checkbox option to the Generate a HAP Request Voucher feature that will automatically calculate and include an EIV 5% Penalty to the selected Voucher Request, along with creating a matching EIVP entry in the Misc Accounting feature.


LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - A new LIHTC Recertification Information window to the Project Data - Tax Credits feature that allows the user to stipulate what the Annual Recertification Effective Date ( Day ) on an LIHTC Tenant Income Certification is defaulted to for RD/HUD projects layered with Tax Credits ( Actual Certification Effective Date vs Move-in Anniversary Date ) .. Added - A new Action Processed selection window when clicking on the RECERTIFY button for an existing S42 and MKT Tenant Income Certification entry that will accurately default what the Next Scheduled Recertification Due Date should be set to.
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