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Release [ 2017.11.30 ] Provided the following changes ...

IN GENERAL: Updated - ONLINE Rental Exchange, TRAK-1 and VeriScreen interface with .NET 4.6 programming to comply with newly implemented security and data integrity requirements for the Tenant Applicant Screening industry .. Revised - The Password Protection feature window to prevent Password Protection from being turned off in a networked installation of FHA Software. Individual User ID login is required in networked installations of FHA Software .. Added - The option to print a Summary and Detailed version of the User Access Summary in the Password Protection - Print options window.

ACCOUNTING: Fixed - The periodic issue with incorrect TNTRENT amounts being reported in the Rent Statement feature .. Increased - The maximum number of characters setting from 100 to 200 characters for the Content line of the Custom Layout Designer feature to make room for more complex @Math calculation entries .. Added - The ability to only print an Adjustment Journal Summary for an existing A/J Entry set in the A/J Adjustment Journal Entry feature.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - A Unit Available Date column to the list of Section 8 Special Claim entries displayed in the Find - Section 8 Special Claims window .. Added - A Claim - # Days column to the Special Claims Summary that provides the number of days between when the unit was made available and the summary print date to help identify Special Claims that can be requested for approval within the 180 day requirement .. Added - A Continuous checkbox option to the Voucher History Summary - Setup window that provides the ability to run Multi-Property Reports on one continuous report .. Added - A new HUD COA Associations feature which allows Chart of Accounts that are not numbered the same as HUD's Chart of Account numbering layout to assign ( associate ) non-compliant account numbers to HUD account numbers for HUD Financial Report feature processing in FHA Software .. Split - The existing HUD Statement of P&L feature into three separate menu options .. HUD Operating Statement with Budget Comparisons, HUD-92410 Statement of Profit and Loss, and HUD-92547-A Budget Worksheet .. Added - A new HUD-93479 Monthly Report for Establishing Net Income ( Schedule A ) feature that includes HUD-93480 Schedule of Disbursements ( Schedule B ) and HUD-93481 Schedule of Accounts Payable ( Schedule C ) forms generation.


LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The TDHCA CMTS file creation feature with adding an 80% MSA value for both LIHTC Income and LIHTC Rent Qualification report fields that were recently added by the TDHCA CMTS system.
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