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Release [ 2017.05.31 ] Provided the following changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - The ability to list the names of multiple projects an applicant has applied for in a custom Waiting List letter .. Added - A new Sample Work Order - Labor Information Summary to the Work Order - Print options feature.

ACCOUNTING: Fixed - The Unhandled Exception issue that the Tenant Ledger Report was randomly experiencing .. Revised - The Include Utility Refund Activity checkbox option provided in the Rent Roll Report, Aged Receivables Report, Rent Statements, Tenant Ledger Report, Security Deposit Report, and A/R Tenant Payment Entry features to also not include partial UREFUND charge code entries created by mid-month move-in and Move-out processing, unless this option is checked to do so.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - The Certfication Type code that was being incorrectly inserted in the Adjustment Payment Detail Record section in a Voucher MAT file for Terminations caused by Dual Subsidy .. Revised - The Section 8 Special Claims - Vacancy Loss feature to allow the HUD Limitation percentage to be manually changed from 50% & 80% for 811 PR Demo projects which can have a different percentage .. Revised - The Compliance Eligibility review process when calculating HUD-50059 Tenant Certifications to include Member and Income eligibility requirements for 811 PRA Demo project subsidy.


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